Chef David Myers

Chef & Founder


Through his nomadic travels, Chef David Myers has become a collector—and creator—of culinary experiences. Immersing himself in the colorful cultures of the world and of his home in Venice Beach, Myers discovers muses in the art, the lifestyle, the sounds and the flavors he uncovers along the way. Returning to his kitchens and restaurants he vividly paints these encounters onto the plate and into the dining room, transporting guests to the places that have inspired him. From music to design to, of course, food and drink, Myers curates every last detail with a sage and highly personalized approach.


As an award-winning chef and restaurateur with a career spanning nearly two decades and three continents, Myers’ projects over the years—Sona, Comme Ça, Pizzeria Ortica, SOLA, David Myers Café and the newly acclaimed Hinoki & the Bird—bridge geographical and cultural divides with soulful, imaginative dishes inspired by sojourns across Asia, Europe, the U.S. and even his own California backyard. These restaurants are not only showcases of Myers’ creativity and skill, but tributes to his deep dedication to his culinary craft and the wide world that has inspired him so deeply.


Myers’ love of food and hospitality is only rivaled by his wanderlust, the hunt for the still undiscovered and surfing that next big wave.