Raw bar

1/2 dozen oysters, pear mignonette 18
Yellowfin tuna, smoked eggplant puree, grapefruit 16
Hamachi, finger lime, japanese cucumber, apple 16
Beef tartare, pickled jalapeno, parmigiano 15


Fun bites

Sato imo croquette, lime pickle aioli 12
Crispy marinated chicken, lemon aioli 14
Chili crab toast, spicy cucumber, coriander 16
Lobster roll, green curry, thai basil MP
Pumpkin toast, miso jam, goat cheese 12


From the market

Kale, crispy and raw, curried almonds, pecorino, red wine vinaigrette 13
Green papaya, baby carrots, peanuts 12
Pelican spinach, burrata, kumquats, hazelnut vinaigrette 14
salmon 14        chicken 8        shrimp 12        avocado 4



Monkfish, yellow curry noodle, eggplant, herbs 17
Chilled dungeness crab, thin glass noodle, lime, peanuts 18
Chicken meatball soup, udon noodle, bok choy 16



Crispy chicken sandwich, napa cole slaw, pickles 14
Tuna melt, radish sprouts, white cheddar 16
Caramel braised pork belly sandwich, collard greens, pickles 15
Scottish salmon, rapini, radish sprouts 24
Filet mignon, yuzu kosho, pea shoots, potatoes 36
BBQ jidori chicken, green papaya salad 24
Miso marinated skirt steak, shaved turnips, chili 25


Vegetables & grains

Pee wee potatoes, coriander, cumin 9
Organic grilled rice, white or brown 5
Roasted yam, crème fraîche, lardon 9
Grilled mushrooms, sea salt, lime 12
Haricots verts, sesame 9


Non-alcoholic cocktails


Seasonal cold pressed juice 7


Cucumber Jade 8
Grapefruit juice, honey, lime juice, cucumber, mint


Hanzo Fix 8
Yuzu juice, simple syrup, cucumber, orange juice, jalapeno


Grapefruit Rickey 8
Grapefruit juice, lime, agave, cilantro, salt, strawberries


House Ginger Beer 6
Lime, ginger, soda